At best, work can provide challenge and meaning, but it can also be a significant source of stress.

The needs

  • 60% of long-term work absence is caused by mental ill health (Mindfulness Initiative, 2019).
  • Employees in public services have some of the higher rates of self-reported stress, anxiety and depression (NICE PH 22).
  • There are significant mental health inequalities, with 3 in 4 people at lowest income levels reporting a mental health problem, compared to 1 in 6 at the highest levels (Mindfulness Initiative, 2019).


Mindfulness is a capacity which everyone holds to differing degrees and which can be developed through practice and training. Our courses develop our ability to Observe,
Describe, Act with Awareness and Be Present with experience without judgement, building kindness and compassion to self and others.

Mindfulness training can form an important part of wider workforce plans which support individual wellbeing, reduce absence and build resilience in both professional and personal life. In the organisation mindfulness can have a positive impact on leadership, innovation and culture.

Mindfulness techniques can be learned through books, apps or in short sessions, but structured courses by trained and accredited teachers are regarded as the gold standard.

Tasters and workshops

Taster sessions explain what mindfulness is and how it can help manage stress in daily life and enhance resilience. We provide an overview of the evidence behind mindfulness and introduce a couple of key practices. These sessions can act as a bridge into one of the structured 8-week courses.

Mindfulness at work courses

We agree on a bespoke approach to your needs and give a thorough grounding in mindfulness and its benefits in the workplace. We cover mindfulness ideas, practices and inquiry which builds week after week. We provide a practical focus, supporting participants to build their resilience in the workplace and supporting organisations to become kinder and more effective.

Guidance and support to build a business case

We can assist you in the development of mindfulness-based business cases, strategies, and workforce programmes to embed mindfulness in your organisation. We can help you explore how mindfulness-based support can form part of your Health and Wellbeing offer.

Working Together