Working with local partners we respond to local needs and draw on the strengths of the amazing communities who we work with. Much of our work is based in local neighbourhoods, Seacroft, Gipton, Harehills, Beeston, Chapeltown and Meanwood in Leeds and BD7 in Bradford. Our community courses are offered free of charge.

On our 8 week courses participants can expect;

  • Trauma informed sessions
  • Co-production of the sessions with the group e.g. emphasis on chronic pain, mental wellbeing, bereavement
  • A mix of activities and practices which teach tools, knowledge and skills to support wellbeing including short meditations
  • Time for building and strengthening connections
  • The use of images and enactments to communicate ideas in an inclusive way
  • Mindful movement
  • Accessible resources to use at home

“Thank you so much for the session on Thursday. It was so brilliant to have someone so sensitive towards and aware of everyone’s different needs in the group; it really meant that each person felt listened to and catered for.”

Mental health support group facilitator, 2022.

“The course has helped me put my long covid into perspective - it is not the whole of me - I am a bigger container with pleasant feelings in my body [as well as pain]. This awareness has helped to dilute the discomfort to some extent or made it easier to live with. ”

Space2 Long Covid course participant, 2021.

“Before I started the course I was so tense, my head was like a roundabout, it was getting faster and faster, it got to the point where our [child with autism] was saying I was growling at her. I’m doing more for myself now, I’m coming out of the tunnel, the kids and everything was too much”.

SCOT participant, 2022

Benefits reported by participants

  • Decreased depression and anxiety
  • Reduced pain and less pain catastrophizing
  • Increased self-compassion
  • Support with bereavement
  • Reduced isolation
  • Support for parents
  • Help back into training and employment
  • Connecting into wider community resources
  • Increased feelings of belonging in the community

Get in touch if you are interested in working with us. We may have funding or be able to explore funding opportunities working with you.

Working Together